Yuriy Shylov

Director · Animadoc Feature

Synopsis of my project

Project development, based on animated documentary film.
We lead the story through the documented monologues/ dialogues on the items people packed in their «go bag» and valuables they were forced to lose to the war forever. Deepening in their memories, we reveal people’s lives and destiny details. The true values are changed, rethinking the world they left behind and the current one. This process is full of emotions, both positive and negative. With animation, we recreate selected war events with the memories linked to them. With that, we look for figurative ways to transmit the storytelling and its atmosphere. We associatively connect people, contemplating dreams that can’t be captured on camera.


  • Creating screenplay for the animated documentary film
  • Research and finding real-life heroes
  • Documentary shooting
  • Researching the archives
  • In collaboration with the director of the animation, creating a storyboard, mood board, and short animated film teaser.

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Yuriy Shylov