Yuriy Gruzinov

Cinematografer · Documentary Series

My motivation for my project “#CINEMAGROUP“

Only by spreading information about the war in Ukraine we can tell the world what horrors we are
protecting it from. Documentary cinema is our way of fighting and moving forward to the victory.

How do you plan to use the scholarship?

It’s up to us to ensure our own security. On the frontline everything becomes consumable material – vehicles, technical materials, equipments. The lifetime of a car can last one pathway to the frontline. As well as peoples lives. It makes war expensive, requests of those who works on the frontline renew constantly. Our team isn’t an exception.
The scholarship will be used for production of the next episodes of the documentary series. Production expenses include technical materials such as cameras, lenses, memory cards, microphones and hard drives, expenses for our vehicle service and fuel. All post-production and filming work is assured by the team members.

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Yuriy Gruzinov