Yelizaveta Smith

Director · Documentary Feature

My motivation for my project “Listening to the world“

[…]“Listening to the world“ is a project where I as a director am very close with the protagonist Iva. We trust each other and I feel that we have common values. Iva has a deep way to rexect reality, which gives me as a director a chance to convey a lot of senses in the Film. To be true Filmmaking for me is the way to investigate the world around me, and the process of Filming and editing is the most important and full process for me.

How do you plan to use the scholarship?

The scholarship is planning to be used to film the scenes of war in Kharkiv and the protagonist’s fiance who is working in a tank factory. It will help us to cover our travel costs to Kharkiv and to pay fees for a crew who selflessly worked on this film documenting processes that are happening now in Ukraine.

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Yelizaveta Smith