Vladlen Odudenko

Author/ Director · Ficiton Short

My motivation for my project “Alive”

Gradually, there was a desire not just to record events, but to tell about them. About the incredible strength of spirit of our people, about the mutual assistance they provide to each other. Ideas based on real events began to emerge. There was a desire to recreate everything that happens in an artistic form. I was amazed by the stories about babies being born in bomb shelters. Our fearless doctors did
everything they could to keep these children alive. It seems to me that all this should become our weapon on the cultural front. The film community of Ukraine is doing everything possible to bring the truth to the world about the horrors that happened
and are happening in my country. We will win, we will!

How do you plan to use the scholarship?

I plan to use the scholarship to further develop and write the script.
This process will be carried out in several stages:
1. Collection of visual materials. Photos and video of the consequences of the occupation of the suburbs of Kyiv (Bucha, Gostomel, Irpin, Borodyanka). A detailed study of the details of what happened during the occupation.
2. Selection of locations for use during the shooting process. Adaptation of the script to the real geography of the locations.
3. Further consultations with people who took part in the hostilities near Kyiv. These are military personnel, civilians affected by the occupation, displaced persons forced to leave their homes, volunteers and doctors.
4. Casting. Rehearsals with professional and non-professional actors. The search for characters and images for greater authenticity of the artistic idea.
5. Trials and rehearsals with actors (extras) and camera in real locations. For a more accurate development of the plot in the script.
6. Development and search for a visual solution for the film. As close as possible to documentary stylistics. For a more authentic artistic image.
7. Also, the scholarship will be used to provide fuel, rent a vehicle for trips, household and office expenses, digital media, and rent a room for rehearsals.
8. Development of a visual presentation of the project. Preparation of mood board project. Video series with rehearsals of actors, possible montage of a project teaser.

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Vladlen Odudenko