Taras Tkachenko

Director · Documentary Feature

My motivation for my project “Pryimachenko Family “

In fact, almost no one covered the history of this dynasty. Neither the life path of Maria Priymachenko herself, nor her son Fedir – also an original artist, nor her grandchildren who continue her work. Through the figure of Pyotr Pryymachenko, his memories of Maria and Fedir Pryymachenko, we want to tell about the dynasty of artists who are carriers of an original and unique style, which is one of the characteristic features of Ukrainian artistic identity. All of them were affected by the war in one way or another.

How you plan to use the scholarship?

It is necessary to ensure the continuation of filming, where the main costs will spent to fuel and rental of filming equipment. We need a few more trips to Mozhun and Ivankiv. In addition, filming in Kyiv is required. It is especially important to ensure high-quality sound recording. We also expect a trip to the east of Ukraine with our hero, which will require additional costs for transportation and accommodation.
We have a plan to finish filming in the middle of September. After that we proceed to installation. However, we understand that our filming takes place in an unpredictable editing. Therefore, even after mid-September, additional filming is possible. It would also be worthwhile to give at least a minimum payment to the cameraman, sound engineer and editing director. We also need to take into account the quality of color correction and sound mixing. These are the costs of the post-production period.

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Taras Tkachenko