Olha Beskhmelnytsina

Producer · Documentary Feature

My motivation for my project “Listening to the world“

The war fundamentally changed my life. All plans, which were until February 24, have been postponed or transformed today. We started working on this project with the team a long time ago, but it too has undergone significant changes. The main character had to evacuate with her son from Kharkiv, start a new life abroad, have a long-distance relationship with her fiance from Kharkiv, who works at a tank factory. For me, working on this project is a metaphorical transformation of my life, which will never be the same as before, as it is for every citizen of our country. Therefore, it is important for me to continue it and bring this project to the world audience in order to share our war experience.
There have also been a lot more challenges for filming and getting funding, so it’s important for me to be able to be in a more financially stable situation to continue working on this project and all the other initiatives.

How do you plan to use the scholarship?

The scholarship will help to cover the lack of funding, which is currently absent in Ukraine, which is important, especially given the constantly rising prices, the cost of fuel and changes in the exchange rate. In this way, the scholarship will help to be more flexible and protected in making creative decisions related to additional
shooting trips, as well as participation in film industry platforms. Also, the scholarship will help to concentrate more precisely on the work on the project, will provide some financial stability. Thus, the main expenses of the scholarship will be: gasoline, logistics costs, travel expenses, and fee.

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Olha Beskhmelnytsina