Oleksandr Surovtsov

Director · Documentary Mid Length

My motivation for my project “Zoomed Waves“

I am not sure that I would have a desire to see again and re-expirience what my family and I went through this year many times. It’s not the most pleasant experience. Moreover, this project is not about a story of horror and escape, but about memory, about finding yourself and your balance in the world. However, the understanding, the analysis of this experience possibly can help to overcome traumas, to talk to oneself. And it can help the audience to understand and hear a little more than horror news and suffering. After all, the war is not so much about today, but about what will come tomorrow. Where do we all stand and how will we treat our lives and each other.

How do you plan to use the scholarship?

My plan to spend this scholarship will be divided into several parts.
The first is technical. Since I work primarily with visual language, at the development stage I will need a camera for partial shooting of visual sketches. With the support of my colleagues in Kyiv, I already have some equipment, but I would like to rent several different lenses, as well as to have a better card reader and a tripod. It is difficult to tell the exact list now, but nothing big and expensive. It is also possible to include expenses for travel and fuel, as well as food during field shoots.
The second part is a fee. Everyone helps us, and that’s not bad, but still, if someone is going to spend a lot of their time working on my project, I’d like them to be paid for it. This is, for example, consulting on cinematography, a video engineer who will help to process and archive materials. Also, I would really like to involve a professional sound engineer, because this part was always the most painful at my shootings, because there was always a shortage of money for this department of the production.
The third part is the author’s fee. Although this part will be a fairly small part of the total budget, it is still important. I want to be able to devote more time to creative work, not to spend it on finding money for myself and my family.
The fourth part is archive.
As I indicated above, we are doing everything possible to take our photo archives out of Mariupol.

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Oleksandr  Surovtsov