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My motivation for my project “The Annunciation“

My motivation to make this project consists of three arguments: a personal, a professional and a political.

My first argument comes from me being a woman and living a life in a female body for 36 years. Two years ago, in the first days of the global pandemic, I experienced something very intimate and dramatic. I had to deal with emergencies, hospitals, doctors and try to understand things that modern science could not explain. I have always known there is a lot of mystery around female physiology but this time it suddenly occurred to me on a very personal level. After this experience I felt an urge to transform my experience into a story and share it with the world. […]

My second argument is professional. I have been working in film since 2014 mostly as a documentary film director and a creative producer. I love non-fiction, and it will always be my passion. Yet, I feel like I have achieved some glass ceiling and do not see much space for realizing my potential as a director and writer anymore. A true (noncommercial) nonfiction cinema is very rigorous. It gives you limited tools and requires a lot of humility on your side. […]

My final argument comes from me being a Ukrainian — a proud citizen of my country. All my previous work can be summarized as an effort to decolonize Ukrainian culture both internally and externally. After February 24th the need to do this is stronger than ever. […]

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Nadia Parfan