Mykhailo Volkov

Co-Director/ DOP · Documentary Feature

My motivation for my project “On the search of the Pokémon“

„Searching For Pokémon“ allows for a dialogue between Alexander Chekmenev and people of Donbas of one hand, and people from the rest of Ukraine, including me, on the other hand. The co-creator and director of the film Roman Blazhan was born in Donbas too, for him Chekmenev’s story is a medium that helps to tell his story. Creating the visual concept of the film is my way of participating in this conversation. To my mind, in this historical moment, we should amplify voices from Donbas more than ever.

How do you plan to use the scholarship?

Reaching the conclusion of the development stage, my priorities are finalizing visual research,
gathering all necessary footage, and perfecting the concept. To do so, I have planned out activities connected with the film until the beginning of the production (January 2023).
In September, I will have additional shooting with Alexander Chekmenev, following him as he
documents the life of liberated territories. I need funds to cover camera assistant’s fee, rent of filming equipment, transportation, accommodation, and per diem for 5 or 6 days of shooting. The total cost is around 1000 euro. In October, I will take part in Documentary Сampus at DOK Leipzig, working on the project. I will need the scholarship to cover the traveling costs. In November, I plan to attend pitching and workshop IDFA, where I’ll present the project. The scholarship, once again, will cover the traveling expenses and accreditation.
Moreover, the scholarship would provide for my financial security, as my income during the wartime
is not as stable as before. This would allow me to focus on the project.


Mykhailo Volkov