Igor Savychenko

Producer/ Writer / Script Consultant · Fiction Feature

My motivation for my project “I do not remember this war”

I would like this film to show the horrors of war through people’s love for one another, through their solidarity and the individual feats of regular people: drivers, doctors, mothers and children. I do not want to show the elderly as helpless and bedridden; they are people who need love, not pity. That is why ninety-year-old Tetyana is in a state of being in the happy place of her youth, when she was 17. She sees Maksym just as young and strong.

How do you plan to use the scholarship?

Today, we have almost no regular income in Ukraine and are forced to take up any paid job to keep afloat and support relatives, friends and colleagues who are at war or in trouble. Non-core work takes longer and pays less, which makes working on creative projects inefficient. The grant will help to get back into the profession and, most importantly, to plan income and expenses without thinking about finding a source. Particular respect to the grant organisers for its monthly payments – as the basis for building a clear work schedule.

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Igor Savychenko