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The German Film Academy

The German Film Academy (Deutsche Filmakademie e.V.), located in Berlin, was founded on 8 September 2003 and today counts 1800 members from all creative areas in the industry. Its most important aim is to function as a central platform for filmmakers across the country, where problems can be addressed and issues debated in a frank and open way. For the prosperity of German cinema, a space where artists are given the opportunity to share time amongst themselves, and a place where the focus constantly lies on prevailing topics and issues of the moment, is vital. In that respect, the German Film Academy views itself as the national industry’s hub of communication and proficiency.

Certainly not the only, yet one of the most important tasks of the German Film Academy is to elect the winners of the German Film Award, and to organize the annual award ceremony. This task is carried out on behalf of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, the founder of the German Film Award. Based on the vote of the most distinguished experts on the subject - the members of the German Film Academy, the German Film Award finally embodies the prestige and significance it deserves, being the most highly endowed cultural award in the country.

Moreover, the German Film Academy continuously takes initiative in promoting the standard of German Film: Thus, whilst not viewing itself as a training institution, the Academy is explicitly committed to the support of film-related education and encouragement of the filmic discourse. Regionally organized screenings and a variety of publications, as well as public and internal workshops all contribute toward this goal. Its comprehensive online knowledge database vierundzwanzig.de is openly accessible and follows up the promise to make the secrets of filmmaking comprehensible to a broad public, to contribute to the preservation of cinematic heritage and to actively promote film education in schools.

In addition, a range of events is held to stimulate the exchange of experiences and incite discussion with respect to the perspectives of German cinema amongst German and international filmmaking colleagues, as well as the young filmmaking generation.

The German Film Academy pursues its objectives independently and is financed solely by membership fees, donations and contributions in kind, as well as project-orientated sponsoring. Content, programmes and events are developed by the presidents and the board of governors. The Academy is supported in its existence and function by a sponsoring body from the film- and media industry, as well as its circle of friends. Our deepest gratitude goes to them, for their continuous, generous support.

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