James Schamus und Iris Berben::bei der ersten Veranstalung von IN WEITER FERNE - SO NAH!
Thomas Negele, Maria Köpf, Ines Schiller::Filmfest Hamburg 2016
Claudia Loewe::Sponsoren Dinner 2015

Award for young film art

Foto: David von Becker

Cooperation – Award of the National Gallery For Young Art and Deutsche Filmakademie

In order to promote the mutual exchange between film art and fine art, the National Gallery and the German Film Academy will be hosting a joint award: Alongside the AWARD OF THE NATIONAL GALLERY FOR YOUNG ART, the AWARD FOR YOUNG FILM ART will be awarded biennially from 2011.

The observation of an increased convergences between the aesthetics of the arthouse film and the aesthetics of film art marked the vantage point to this project. For the artistic dimension of film art, the possibilities to attain public awareness beyond the festival circuit have been rare ever since; The award, providing the opportunity to exhibit film art in a museum space, in this vein creates a platform to present crossover films to a broader public.

The aim of the award is, on one hand, to enthuse a new audience (- namely that of fine art) for the works of film art, on the other to attract notice to the interplay between the shared aesthetics of fine art and film. The award is presented in one ceremony alongside the National Gallery’s PRICE FOR YOUNG ART, at the National Gallery.

The jury consists of seven members, divided into five experts in fine art and two experts in film art. This particular formation of the jury and its assuming responsibility over both awards has been conceived as well in order to incite fresh approaches toward film art and arthouse film alike.

With respect to both awards, the distinction between film and art remains. The determining factor for a nomination in either category is the self-conception of the creator as either artist or filmmaker. Accordingly, nominations for the PRICE FOR YOUNG FLM ART would go to filmmakers only, whereas only artists would receive nominations for the NATIONAL GALLERY’S PRICE FOR YOUNG ART, regardless of their preferential medium being that of painting, sculpture, photography or film.


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